Friday 14 August 2015

Planner Epiphany

This is one of those times that I've been lusting after the new range of Kikki K. planners. The emails come to my inbox each week and the colours are just beautiful. The orange and blue and just pretty. But then I turned around and thought long and hard about it. I was looking at spending $80 on something that although pretty and gorgeous and lovely wasn't exactly me. Have a look at the pretty eye candy below :D I borrowed it from the Kikki K. website. Planners are so pretty to look at! Warning following that link can lead to dangerous thoughts and the urge to buy everything.

Then I looked at my planner and I thought about it. I realised something really important. I LOVE the planner that I made for myself. The cover is so ME!!!! It means something to me. More than just a pretty cover or something with the right colours. I can't ever buy a cover that can be as special or be so me. It is one of the reasons why I craft in the first place. I make because it means more than something store bought. Quite often you can buy things instead of making but they aren't as or as long lasting. I can never buy something so special to me anywhere, in any store. Now I do think I will have to check out some of their notepads and sticky notes from that collection as those colours are just scrumptious. But I don't need EVERYTHING.

I don't need the latest craze, I don't need everything that everyone goes absolutely crazy about and I truly don't understand the need to buy the latest all the time, I remember reading on some of the planner groups on facebook when Erin Condren brought out her new rose gold planners and the horizontal layout. Everyone was going BONKERS for them and then within 2 months there were numerous people selling their horizontal layouts because they found they hated the layout but they got caught in the craze. All through the Kikki K. planner groups at the moment as soon as the new range came out people started selling off the last range so they could get the latest one. It gets a bit stupid and the amount of money people are putting out is unreasonable.

I'm already looking towards next year and I know that I'm going to keep my current planner. I want to make the inserts better but that was always going to happen... I may make myself another planner cover so that I have a spare one because I can... but it won't be about having the latest craze.

Sometimes it just takes realising that you like what you have already to be happy and work with what you've got.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Great post. Of course one of the things planners are supposed to help you with is Financial Planning. Spending lots of money on something which is supposed to help save money is false economy somewhat!

    There was great part in one of the Bridget Jones books where she does exactly that. Spends loads of money on notebooks and pens to track her spending!.

    I much prefer your hand made cover anyway.

  2. Loveky planet cover indeed! Funny, I was just on a site today, looking at back to school organization (pretty covered boxes, yes, planners too) and I came to the same conclusion. Sometimes store-bought isn't better or truer at all.....


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