Saturday 14 November 2015

Craft Every Day: Day 11,12,13

Oh gosh I'm not doing a great job with posting everyday. I'm trying to at least make sure I keep up with my crafting and with a couple of hitches I am. Some days all I manage is two lines of knitting but I figure that's better than nothing.  Other days though I do craft the act of getting any where near my computer let alone loading stuff is waaaaaay too difficult.  As it is I'm typing this on my phone so I know the photos won't come through right. Because the app doesn't let you place photos as you go it puts them all at the end. 

Now what have I achieved these last couple of days?

As I said I've done a couple more rows of knitting but it looks pretty much the same as before. 

I baked some Banana bread on thursday night since the act of going out to band was too exhausting.  I've been dropping off to sleep on the couch at 8. I'm absolutely exhausted.  This full time work thing takes a lot out of you. That said I'm loving the job!

I also started getting organised with a pattern to make myself a couple of tops for work.  Or at least we shall see how that goes. My grand plans and all 😀 isn't washi tape the most useful tool? It works so well to keep everything all neat and tidy. The picture of the paper is me taping the pattern together.

I'm also using my new planner a lot.  It's great to see where everything goes and find uses for it.  It's not in full use yet but it's happening.  I will get photos of how I'm using it tomorrow in better light. 

I apologise for this jumbled rambling post today. It says a lot for how my head's been this week a bit everywhere!

Happy stitching,

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