Wednesday 11 November 2015

Craft Every Day: Day 9 & 10

So I've been keeping a little secret from everyone.  I hinted a little at it through this last week and I've been talking about how I'll have no time. Well that's entirely true. I will have no time. I started full time work this week as an accountant trainee. I kinda do some of the administration tasks at the moment and I'll take on more of the accountant stuff as the months go on and I complete my course. So crafting won't be as often as I'd like unfortunately but I will be trying to get some crafting everyday in November still. I may just be posting less frequently than I wanted to at first. 

Day 9:
I sewed the button on the back of the dress and sewed up the back seam. All I have to do now to finish it is to finish the threads off.... there are a lot of those.... I really should do that as I go!

Here is the button at the back. I got a pretty blue button from my grandma's collection. I realise that I don't have a collection of my own...hmmmm

Day 10:
I started work today so I knew I wouldn't have much head space or time to think. In working with that I cast on a Granny's Favourite dishcloth. It is such an easy pattern that you don't have to think about to do. I didn't get very far.

Happy Stitching,
I'm off to work now! 

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