Wednesday 2 March 2016

back to the basics

I have been really quiet here for the last couple of months. I was really good when I was on holiday but then it fell off again once work started up. Basically life has a way of keeping me away from this blog. But I have had time to think about it. I love this blog. It has always been a way for me to share my thoughts and issues. I started this blog years ago to share my crafts but it has always been more than that.

You will always see me more over at instagram at the moment just because it's really quick to post. I love sharing my crafts so if you are over on instagram you can find me on @naughtscrossstitches. Please come follow me if you want to be up to date. 

But what I'm trying to say is I want to make an effort to share more of my day to day crafting here again, I'm really bad about turning on my computer in the evenings as I sit at my computer all day at work. I like to pull away from the screen for a bit. So the writing may now be shorter for a while but I want to keep sharing photos. 

To wrap it up here is my granny stripe this morning. I have only one more colour and I'm onto the border. I am so excited to be almost finished! 

Trying out a resize program away from the computer as well. I found an app on my phone and it makes life a little bit quicker. *fingers crossed*

Happy Stitching, 


  1. Beautiful colors....please continue to blog. You'd be missed.

  2. Please do keep posting....I love to see what you've been making! Love the crochet blanket, the colours are gorgeous!

  3. Its beautiful Caitlin. I hope you do come back to posting. I love seeing your projects.


  4. Life does get in the way sometimes hey ;) Your blanket is looking lovely:)

  5. I love the colours in your blanket. I much prefer blogging over other forms of social media. I can look at nice photos anywhere, I like to know more about the person crafting the item and their thoughts while they made it.


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