Wednesday 16 March 2016

One and a bit layers down

I'm getting so excited at the moment. I am so close to a finished blanket. I keep wanting to share this with you all the time. I finished one total layer of the edging on my crochet blanket so far.

Unfortunately it's not turned out quite like I wanted in that the blanket is going very wavy and I don't know how to fix this. I have a feeling that it's something to do with the way I went from one row to the next on the blanket and the edges weren't sitting straight before I added an edge. I'm going to make it a feature and make the edge deliberately ruffly.

I asked in one of the crochet groups and the suggestion was do two rows of two trebles in each stitch. That seemed to be the consensus for making it extra ruffly. So the last two rows of purple I'll do like that and hopefully it will look awesomely ruffly and that's that.

Question Time

Other than that I do have a question for all you hookers out there. When you do a border do you start each row from a corner?  Do you change where you start each row? Do you chain from one row to the next or start with a treble? 

For this project I'm deliberately starting in the middle of the sides and changing from one side to the next. But I'm also doing a starting stitch so you can't see any chains showing where I've started. I just like the effect better.

Happy Stitching,


  1.'re almost there!!! It's looking great. I think the ruffled edge will look so pretty. Sorry I can't suggest anything to help. I'm still a novice crocheter too :)

    1. Yeah, but your blanket is looking awesome as well :D

      That's why I'm using the ruffled edge I think it will add a nice effect to the blanket and just make it easier.

  2. I don't do crochet but is it not like knitting in the sense that you block it at the end? I thought blocking sorted out issues like this...I'm most likely wrong though.

    1. you are right ... I just wasn't planning on blocking as it's quite a big blanket and I don't have the space. I'm hoping that in the end the ruffled edge will hide all that anyway.

  3. Sorry can't help as I'm still learning about crochet. Your blanket is very pretty.


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