Friday 13 May 2016

Same old story

I have been crafting recently but really I haven't had much time to think. Part of my problem is I get home and it's dark so I sit and work on whatever project I'm working on. Which is fine. But I don't want to share a bad photo with you guys. Therefore I need to wait until the next morning to maybe find the time to photograph it. I get up the next morning and forget to photograph it ... and the cycle continues.

Also in exciting news. I got accepted into my Master's of Business (Professional Accounting) This means big changes for me. I will be doing classes twice a week AFTER work. My crafting time is about to half. Not that I had that much time to start with! Actually that brings me to this weeks task...
We move in the next month and I need to have a major destash!

With limited time I know what is becoming important to me. So I really need to limit my crafts. As always my cross stitch is important but I can't even reach most of it at the moment. That is half of the problem. I love my cross stitch. Knitting and Crochet (so my 8 ply acrylics stay) and my fabrics for sewing though those need to be sorted and gone through. I need to be realistic about what I keep around. If I won't use it in the next 6 mths I'm going to either store it or donate it and I'm going to stick to that. I'm about to move house and I want to be reasonable. I actually want to get some projects DONE. To do that I need to declutter my head and my craft space so I can find it!

But I can't just have a post with no photos. I made myself another headband because I kinda cut my hair off.

It's going into winter here and I cut all my hair off. I absolutely LOVE it! I was getting sick of looking after my hair. Not the best photos but you get the idea. I have ACTUALLY finished something!!!!  I need to make a couple of hats for the new winter season. It may happen ... may not too. We all know about the best laid plans of mice.

That is said with my granny stripe blanket sitting over my lap with the edge still unfinished. I really need to put some time into that! But right now I'm watching frozen, writing blog posts and enjoying time not doing much of anything. So hopefully I will post as much as possible but life at the moment definitely has a habit if getting in the way,

Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow! You are going to be one busy lady. Congrats on getting into the Masters program! I'm sure you'll do great. Good luck destashing....and love the headband and new do.

  2. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! It's great that you have a plan for decluttering your craft supplies before the move! There's no sense in going through the trouble to move a bunch of stuff you don't use. Best wishes for a successful move!

  3. Congrats on starting a masters. Look forward to watching you destash. I should, but know I will just leave it to my kids when I die.

  4. Cool headband and good luck for the course and the destash!

  5. So much excitement! Congrats on getting accepted into the Masters program; my daughter just finished her Master's last year in counseling - lots of hard work so be ready!

    Good luck with the destash and the move - more hard work for you. :)


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