Wednesday 13 July 2016

Project Planning

At the moment I have so many projects running around in my head and so LITTLE time to do them in. Thankfully I seem to crave knitting and crochet at the moment maybe because they usually are so portable. I have knitting sitting in my handbag at the moment waiting for me to start a pair of gloves I'm making my old faithful Campout Fingerless Mitts. (link to my blog post in 2014) But I want to see if I can add a bit of lace detail to make them look like the beret.

If you want to see the beret I've just finished for myself (and I started and just finished another one for my sister but forgot to take photos) I wrote about it over at I'm making the gloves to match my sister's one as my mother bought me 3 balls of yarn instead of just one so I'm going to use them all!

To add to the gloves, I have requests from the girl to make her a beanie/hat/beret thingy as well. I actually wanted to but didn't really want to go and buy more yarn as I knew I had a tonne of 8 ply hanging around particularly lots of full balls from my blanket. So I went searching for patterns (actually I've had this pattern saved for a while and in my search found it again!) The moment I showed it to her she went YES!!! Then we went searching through my yarn. 

Yenni slouch hat by Little Monkey's Crochet 

She chose a lovely dark tealy green from my blanket. But in typical me fashion I have no photos of it. (can I blame the cold for my forgetfulness?) 

 Then I went searching for hooks....

My collection is decent... I have about 5 4.5mm hooks because I use them constantly. I have one 4mm but it's the fully metal handle. and I have a 5.25mm.

This pattern calls for a 5mm and a 4mm. I could just use my 4mm and 5.25mm but... The metal handle is uncomfortable and ... I like options. The only problem is spotlight doesn't carry the clover hooks which I love so I'll have to deal with getting more of the Bates hooks which are comfortable but not my favourite. They have weird necks around the hooks.

One day I may have all the sizes and not have to go get more tools just to start a new project.... one day!

What are you planning at the moment? Share some of your thoughts and projects with me. I always like to see more.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Caitlin, that beret is so very cute - I am sure that you will have lots of fun crocheting it.

  2. The beret is so cute. Wish I could crochet well....maybe.....someday.

  3. Great choice of beret. I'm like that with fabric, I'll have the right colour in the wrong count!
    At the moment I have a nice rotation consisting of four weekend projects per month, one evening project and one Focus on a Finish. I'm seeing results from that.

  4. What a cute beret and lucky sister! Look forward to seeing your progress on it.

  5. My head is the wrong shape for berets. I always envy people who can wear them. Yours is lovely. The half/half edging is really neat.

    That slouch hat jumped straight into my Ravelry queue without even consulting me. :p I think maybe I could pull that one off. Possibly.

    I hear you on never having the right size hook. I'm kicking myself because I found a pretty vintage set at an antique place I visited last weekend and I didn't buy them. I was pretty sure that I already had all the sizes and I was trying to be frugal. Naturally when I got home I found I only had 1 or 2.


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