Saturday 6 August 2016

Finished Gloves

So I finished the gloves I was talking about in my last post. They turned out really awesome.

This is a photo of me wearing them. Of course in the normal pattern of me I STILL don't have a photo of my sister wearing them OR the beanie!

I did change a major thing compared to the last time I made this pattern. I made them about 4 inches longer. Which really suits my sister and I just love the difference. Of course I have orders from mum to make a pair but to do the normal length. Also to make the finger part shorter. My sister has long fingers. Actually all of her is long... I'm kinda jealous!

This is one of those patterns I keep digging out every time I need a new pair of gloves. I think I will keep using it and using it as they are so versatile and really look nice with everything. Sometimes it's nice to work on something easy that doesn't require much thought. I will add this to my easy carry project list but it will take me a while to get to a pair for my mum. Which is alright since winter is almost over and I really should be focusing on getting my uni work done not making gloves.

I'm making a new post about my planner as I've made some changes to I will talk to you about how uni is going in that post as it's kinda hooked in with my planner stuff.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Great gloves! They look very easy to extend or shorten depending on the person too.

  2. Such a pretty red. I really love the look of the longer length too.

  3. Ooooh....LOVE the gloves! And that shade of red is gorgeous too !


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