Tuesday 3 April 2018

My Cousin's Wedding

One of my cousins got married a couple of weekends ago and in my typical fashion I'm a little late sharing some photos. I don't have any good ones of the bride and groom but I managed a couple of nice family photos.

I didn't manage a photo with both the kids together .... actually didn't really manage ANY really good photos of them but they had fun so that is what counts.

James was really difficult to get any sort of photo of as you can see from this photo.  But  I love this photo. The grimace is just perfect and I love how I look. It was just perfect. It's one of my favourite photos from the whole night.

I also managed to get a photo with my sister, mum and grandma which is awesome. We don't get together with all of us very often and it is lovely to get a photo.

Also the end of my 8 week challenge was the day before this so I treated myself to a new dress. It just suits me to a tee. I found a couple of nice dresses but this one just was perfect! I always love visiting portmans.  I felt so pretty and comfortable for the whole night (until it started to get cold and then I was grateful that I remembered a jumper).

Anyway I have to go organise some more photos as I managed to get some time over the long weekend to do some crafting so I will have to organise all those photos for you to share. Expect another couple of posts sooner rather than later.

Happy Stitching,


  1. That is a great photo of you and I love your dress!

  2. What a great family picture! Glad you all had fun. Love your dress :)


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