Tuesday 24 April 2018

New leg warmers and Beanie

Well this post took way longer to write than I intended. I was in the process of writing and updating and then I got sick. It wasn't just a normal cold I ended up with shingles!!!! I think with the stress of trying to get my assignments in and also the collection of late nights and early mornings just ended up taking its toll and my body told me off. That's what I'm hoping anyway. .... any other option means many visits to the doctor to see what is actually causing it.  Sometime I might end up with everything worked out but I really don't think it will be today. Or tomorrow. Anyway I'm pretty much good now only the lingering stuff so trying to get back into everything but not push my body too far. 

But now I've updated you guys on the really important thing that has been going on in my life. I want to show off these two projects. The yarn used was the left over from the green star blanket. 

The first is just a simple beanie. It wasn't done off a pattern and I stopped increasing a row too early and it's noticeable when wearing it.  Oh well I still like it. Even if it is a tinge too tight.

Then this next project is just fun. I wanted to try some leg warmers. I'll see if they actually get used this winter to see if I want to make more. They might get used over my leggings to give a little more warmth. Also thought about using them over my workout pants that are 3/4 length to make them longer. But again I'll see if I actually like them before making more.

 Do you know how hard it is to get photos of your own legs???

I did use a pattern it was this one on ravelry. But I did have to add 4 rows to be able to fit them around my legs. I tend towards being a tight crocheter so not surprised. They were really easy to make just took time because they were my band project. (Only work on it on Thursday nights)

I like the simplicity of these and hope I fall in love with the concept because there are sooooo many pretty patterns out there for leg warmers. Given how cold it already feels I think they will be very useful. 

Happy stitching,


  1. So sorry to hear that you've got shingles.....take good care of yourself.....plenty of rest and crafting time helps!
    Love the beanie and the leg warmers.

    1. thank you so much. Yep took what rest I could in between trying to get everything done that is required of me... I think I know why I got sick!


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