Sunday 14 April 2019

Crafting Update: some progress but no finishes

I am in love with working on this jumper :D I LOVE the steller yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills.It just slides through your fingers beautifully when working on it.

 I'm shaping this one in so it should be a lot more fitted and flatter my waist more. It's still going to be loose but it is a little more smooth I hope!

It's working up a lot slower than the first one for two reasons. It's 8ply vs 10ply which changes the size but the main reason is that it's into crunch time at uni. I have had an assignment due each fortnight and this will be continuing until the end of April. Then the last week I've been sick as a dog! Actually I don't know how sick that is but I haven't been well, I spent most of the week on the couch barely moving so as much as I had 'time' to stitch I didn't have any energy. Unfortunately it seems to have hit my partner now and he's not well either.

 I actually started a new cross stitch when I was feeling sick though again didn't get much done. It's from my oriental cross stitch magazine. It's a little panda but you can see I've only done a tiny bit of white so far.

Once I actually have time I think I will be finished with this little panda quickly. It looks like a simple little stitch I just need the time to devote to it which isn't happening quickly.

Happy Stitching,


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