Friday 19 April 2019

Friday Finds: Edwards Crochet Imaginarium

I 'had' to visit spotlight to pick up some needles and black thread (which they didn't have! who runs out of 310??) But black thread aside I got distracted by the books and magazines and this book caught my eye.

I was intrigued by all the different patterns on the cover and interested to see what the inside showed. I was not disappointed. This book is set up like the monster books/activities I used to do as a kid with alternating flipcards for the head arms and legs.

You pick from a variety of ear shapes, arms and legs and work out what you want your monster to look like. This one is one I want to make. You then start by making the same head/body shape then adding on all the extras. The different colour backgrounds actually indicate how difficult the pattern is though they do claim that even the hardest pattern can be done by an intermediate beginner.

But the second half of the book is where this book is really great. Instead of just giving the information for all the different patterns it goes into sizing and how to make different colour patterns and features to really make your monster unique. You can copy the ones shown in the book exactly or you can make them your own.

It tells you how to get different effects with stripes either wide or thin. Also how to add spots or gradients.

So many options and you could do so much with just this basic body form. You could stitch for years and never truly repeat a character.

I love the one with the fluffy hands and I may have to try that one as well.

This book ended up being $30 AUD from spotlight here but I definitely think it is value for money as I can see many years of use out of it as it is so versatile and changeable. You could even use this basic form to make more conventional looking creatures. It is written in UK terminology so that could be a factor for someone but because it's the same stitch repeated it is easy to follow.

I have actually started working on one of the creatures but I didn't think about just how much thread is required and I was using some cheap cross stitch thread I had lying around and ran out. So I will have to restart I think with a thread I actually have a decent amount of! But that is my mistake and I should have known that because I have made enough stuff with crochet to know how much thread I will need! The pattern so far is really easy to follow and is something I'm excited to keep going on.

So I am really happy with this book purchase and you can look forward to seeing some characters appearing at some point (time being a factor here :D )

Happy Stitching,


  1. How interesting will that be! I can't wait to see what you create!

    1. thank you ... I will have to have a play very soon... I have an assignment due by Thursday then I have time!


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