Saturday 17 August 2019

Accountant or Magician - Cross Stitch Pattern

It's celebration time! I have a finish and a new pattern - Accountant or Magician. It feels like at the moment time has just disappeared but I have been finding the time to work on this somehow... actually spending lectures working on this so I could power through and finish it.

 A close up ... I love the details that I put in this :D The hands were really hard to work out first to draw and then they were hard to design. But it really worked out.

I will finish this I think with a quilted border and as a hanger that I can display at work. I'd love to have some of my art hanging up there and I've been working at this desk long enough. It would be pretty awesome to display it.

It also started off as a pretty cool drawing :D
So I hope you enjoy Accountant or Magician a cross stitch about the miracles that we are often asked to perform.

I am going to try and write up a tutorial for how I finish it as a hanger as that may help some people.I will hopefully get that finished this week. Everything gets changed around though as work and uni are getting interesting.

Happy Stitching,


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    1. Thank you :D I had hoped you'd like it. It's a style I'm really enjoying both drawing and then creating as cross stitch! It's so fun to play with

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