Monday 12 August 2019

New Instagram Account

I now have two instagram accounts! 

This is big news for me as I have just been posting in the same instagram account @naughtscrossstitches since 2014. I would post mostly craft stuff and then the random fitness or life post. But as my fitness journey has gotten so much more important and it was taking up about half of the posts and the tags just weren't quite turning into follows because someone interested in fitness posts tends not to like craft posts. At least not always... I may be more of an odd one out. Actually crafters will follow the fitness posts but fitness people won't necessarily follow the craft posts...


Can you guys comment below an answer to this? Would you follow both Fitness and Craft accounts? Or would you prefer one or the other?

Anyway, off the tangent, you can find my fitness and general life account at @naughtslife_fitness here I will share my journey getting fit and strong and general life fun.

The other reason is I have a large amount of patterns about to be published and I want to have a place more devoted to crafts and where I can really push those patterns without being annoying to my other followers. A crafter will happily see minute progress in a project while a non crafter will start to wonder why it's taking so long! I will update you guys here about my latest patterns too. I have an accountant one that is SO cute, I may be biased, and I'm almost finished the test stitch for it! You can see it below... I think you will love it too!

So there is a lot more coming and I hope you're still interested in hearing both the fitness and craft news :D

Happy Stitching,


  1. Since I like both crafting and fitness posts, I'm happy to see both on the one account, but I agree with you that it might be better to have separate accounts.
    Looking forward to seeing your test stitch completed!

    1. We have a holiday tomorrow and between working on assignments I hope to get it finished!

      Yeah I think it does work a bit together, and I will see ... this also give me the excuse to post more often as sometimes I don't want to spam all at once but could post a lot more!

  2. Personally I like the crafty posts more. WHat a cute stitch you have there.

    1. Thank you :D the stitching is now done and I will fix up a couple of issues I had with the pattern and colours and then it should be available this weekend! Stay tuned!


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