Tuesday 5 November 2019

Inktober 2019 Wrap Up

So I forgot to keep updating everyone with my progress for #inktober2019 on the blog! If you follow me on Instagram I was being really good about updating everyone there but was a bit lax about posting weekly here like I had been expecting to.

But inspite of being really bad about updating on the blog I surprisingly managed to finish the challenge! I drew a picture every day for 31 days! Some I'm really proud of ... some just didn't work out like I was expecting! But I did it, and now I just need to keep that drawing happening.

Watch the video above for a full wrap up of the drawings I did.

But here are some of my favourites.

Day 3 - Bait :D a cute little worm to trap an owl!

Day 7 - Enchanted ... because we need an enchanted owl princess.

Day 10 - Pattern ... Fibonacci sequence... need I say more?

Day 15 - Legend ... King Arthur!

Day 18 - Misfit ... Square peg trying to fit in a round hole!

Day 22 - Ghost ... who doesn't love dressing up?

Day 27 - Coat ... Because I like this twist a coat of paint rather than a coat to wear.

 Day 30 - Catch ... Softball anyone?

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures from the inktober challenge! Which one is your favourite?

Now I also have a question for you. Are there any in either my favourites or in the rest of them that you would love to see done up as a cross stitch pattern?

Happy Stitching,


  1. Great drawings, Caitlin! I often start these challenges but very rarely keep going to the end of the month.

  2. Same here I was really proud of how I actually in the midst of uni and everything managed to finish this challenge. Somedays I'm not overly proud of the drawings but I did them!


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