Thursday 7 November 2019

The answer to #WhyImake

Since I got nominated for the Crafties at Lovecraft one thing that I have been thinking about was how to answer this question.

Why do I make? 

It's not a simple answer. It's not a simple question. When I was 9 years old I had some dolls and I wanted to make them all special blankets and I asked my mum to make them for me. She said no, I won't do that BUT I will give you a crochet hook and some yarn and teach you how to crochet ones for yourself. And there the obsession started. I made little blankets and clothes for my dolls, then I went and begged my grandma to teach me to knit.

As I grew up I explored all sorts of different crafts. I spent a few years doing beadwork until I got WAAY too frustrated with constantly having to pick up seed beads from the floor. I am too much of a klutz to be trusted with beads. But even then I was designing. I would create my own pictures and creations and had an absolute ball. Below is one of my finished pieces. I think this was meant to be part of a set of earrings but ... it didn't quite go as planned.

As I grew older my tastes changed but one thing that never changed was my need to create with my hands. I have always been restless when sitting still and whenever I would have some craft or another in my hands I would feel instantly better. I would sit in lectures at uni (and still do) with my cross stitch or knitting or something to keep my hands busy while my head could listen to what was happening. This below is a very common post for me!

But that is only part of the story... it answers some of the question but not all. Why make? There are many things I could do with my hands to keep them busy, including playing with those annoying fidget gadgets. So why do I feel compelled to make?

It's really easy. I love to see the finished pieces. I love being proud of what I have achieved. I enjoy looking at my walls and seeing my artwork. Whether in the form of a painting or on the form of my cross stitch. I love to use my work too. So every year at Christmas I always hang my special handmade ornaments up on the tree because it means something. I love to finish my pieces just as much as I love to stitch. I have a piece I did on the wall at work and every time I walk past it just makes me smile.When I wear clothes that I made for myself it makes me happy and I like to do things that make me happy.

On top of this I love to share my creations with everyone. I am someone who needs to know what I'm talking about and understand what I'm doing so when I first got into cross stitch I researched and found out as much as I could. Now I like sharing that knowledge that I learnt and sharing my journey. I always hope to inspire others to start making things as well.

So to sum it up, I make because I have to, and because I want to and because it makes me proud and happy. Why do you make?

Happy Stitching,

Also please don't forget to vote for me in the crafties your support means the world to me!

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