Tuesday 4 February 2020

Craft every day week 5

I will admit that I did start this year wondering despite saying I would do this challenge wondering if I could A actually make it happen daily and B wonder if I could take photos each day.  Now we are in February and I've added prompts for this month and I'm loving this challenge, it gets me OFF my phone for a little bit and I'm actually making things.

I am getting closer to finishing this crochet blanket... slowly .. slowly! But probably doesn't help that I'm sitting there and reading Harry Potter :D I am getting better at understanding this book. But it is still very slow going!

 I was drawing at work on this day because that's what you do isn't it? I'm really happy with this one because I managed to do a face that wasn't staring forward and it looks alright.

I managed to finish this square FINALLY! It took waaaaaaaay too long but that is fairly common for me at the moment. BUT I managed to complete this before the end of the month so I'm happy!

Then February rolled around and I started working from my prompt list. And as I expected it really isn't having a huge impact of the projects I choose at least not at the moment but in time it may. More I'm just being a little more creative with photos.

Things like actually taking a photo of my softball cleats while I'm at the fields. Or posing with a collection of purple items on Sunday so you can see my full purple obsession! I was even (not quite deliberately because I needed to get it done anyway) working on my peppermint purple SAL piece and using a purple thread and wearing purple tights and using purple scissors.

But I'm all up to date with this one. I think this is the only SAL that I have ever managed to stay up to date with outside of one week! I love this one and how it is turning out. It just makes me happy to see!

I then kept working on Baroque and I do have a question... these are the threads I picked out YEARS ago for baroque and I'm happy with everything but that light brown... I really am thinking it's too light? What do you think? 

Oh yeah and to answer the question tea or coffee? Tea all the way since coffee sends me crazy. I also am in love with fancy teas and cute tea infusers :D who doesn't like a cute owl?

I hope you enjoy this weekly update. I am loving that thanks to this challenge I actually feel like I am doing something worth posting about each week and it's really boosting my creativity!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Well done on keeping up with the Craft Every Day Challenge! The blackwork SAL is lovely, I'm enjoying seeing all the different versions of this. I do think the pale brown is a little bit too pale compared to the other colours. Maybe see how it's stitches up?
    I am definitely a coffee drinker!

  2. I like seeing your PPsal coming together, I haven't started mine yet.
    I think the light brown makes a nice contrast, it looks like you another light colour?
    Coffee in the morning, with tea in the afternoon for me!


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