Monday 2 March 2020

Craft Every Day week 9

Uni has started back so time has flown away! I have been stitching, but not knitting this week. Too hot and haven't quite been in the mood. I posted last week about my promise to publish 7 new patterns by the 21st of March :D well I have been working towards that with a few test stitches happening so I can actually make it happen! 

 Can you guess what pattern this thread is for?

 Did you guess the pattern right? I have to make a few changes to the pattern itself I found a couple of issues when I was stitching this up (which is why I test stitch these kinds of patterns) but overall I am sooo excited about this one. I will be doing a big launch with this pattern and a few others all at once when I have them ready. Maybe even on the 21st?

I did get a bit of stitching done on the peppermint purple SAL I'm not focusing on this one much at the moment because I'm focusing on my patterns but I still love picking it up and doing a little bit more in between other projects. But I'm not behind with this SAL. I think it is the first ever SAL that I have not fallen behind on... partially because it's such a small weekly commitment that it is easy just to work on.

Happy Stitching :D I hope you enjoy!

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