Friday 13 March 2020

Deadlift Girl Cross Stitch Pattern

And it is now released and available to be purchased. If you are knowledgeable about this series you'd know this is based off one of my drawings. Deadlift Girl. What you may not know is this drawing was kinda a picture of my sister. She is my deadlift muse, she is everything I want to be in the gym. It is one of two cross stitching patterns that are part of my fitness girls series. It will start with the three major powerlifting moves squat, deadlift and bench and include other exercises as I work out how to draw them.

Here is the picture I drew that it is based off. I'm really happy with how it turned out. A couple of cool details that you would like to know, the blue weights are 20kgs each and the bar is 20kg itself. So the weights in the cross stitch piece is 60kg.

Also the hands are in what is called an alternate grip. This grip is taught to a lot of women when doing a deadlift as it is easier to grip the bar with smaller hands.

It's been made to match with the squat girl pattern. The width is the same, and it's made to go together if you wish. It will eventually be a set of three with the bench girl making the set. It is the three major power lifting moves. I will add some of the other exercises eventually as I work out how to draw them.

So where do you find these awesome patterns? 

Well there are two ways you can buy it. If you just want the deadlift girl by itself you can find her at this link.

If you are interested in both the squat girl and the deadlift girl you can buy them in a bundle together that is slightly discounted. You can find the bundle here.

If you have already bought the squat girl from me I have a special code for you to use to purchase the deadlift girl. Message me and I will pass that onto you.

I really hope you enjoy the newest pattern in my collection.

Happy Stitching 

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