Tuesday 19 May 2020

Moving Again and Crafting

So our lease is up at the rental we were in so we've had to move house. It has been an interesting adventure to say the least!

 and my craft room in shambles....

But what can you do? Keep going and do bit by bit. I need to have a serious look at my craft room because I couldn't keep it organised before but now I have NO cupboards to hide stuff in so I will need to really look at it and decide. My boss is talking about transitioning permanently to flexible work arrangements. With me working from home some days during the week. So I need a place that can work as both a viable office AND a craft room so it needs to be NEAT!! We shall see... I'm not the tidiest person but if I have a home for everything it's easier to keep it neat.

So my crafts will be few and far between over the next few weeks but I am still here and hopefully have an awesome craft room to show you soon!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I know I keep harping on it, but there WILL come a day when I build my house and I WILL have a craft room! I keep a watchful eye on you guys and your craft rooms, so I that I know exactly how I want mine to be!

  2. Well that's one way to sort things and organize! I've had to do it and the end result was worth it, although it's a mess at the moment.


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