Monday 18 January 2021

I'm having a BABY!!

In case you missed the news in all the other ways I shared it, since I forgot to post here. Just before Christmas we found out that we're expecting a baby. It was a bit of a shock because we hadn't been trying we had been doing what we could to prevent it and I hadn't had any symptoms except putting on weight. So when I went to the doctor and the tests were coming back 6-10 weeks along we went maybe a little more than that but probably not much more. Then I went for the ultrasound. Well it turned out I was about 28 weeks along! 

So as of today I am I think 31 weeks along with little Spud due sometime mid-late March!!! To say it's been a journey over the last few weeks would be lying but I'm also becoming more and more excited to meet our little girl. 



To make the announcement to family I just had to make something special... So I made a new design :D 

It's actually from a drawing I made a couple of years back when I was bored but I figured it would serve the purpose quite well. Isn't she so cute? I also made a cute little boy as well. 

But honestly you could change the colours up and either of these designs could go for either gender. I'm not picky and nor should you be. This little girl is really only tiny. 38hx22w so not big. I'm going to add her name to it when she is born and her details and stitch it as a little pillow. 

So if you want to stitch this little character as well you can find the pattern here

I hope you like this new little pattern and the exciting news! It will mean that despite my best efforts I'm probably going to be more sparse here than I'd like. If you want to keep up with more regular updates follow me on instagram @naughtscrossstitches and @naughtslife_fitness it's easier and quicker to make a post over there but I like being able to write a lot when I can. It's a great keepsake and resource. 

Happy Stitching, 



  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! You escaped all the morning sickness too, lucky you!
    Hope it all goes smoothly from here on.

  3. Congrats again Caitlin. I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy and getting in plenty of rest as sleeping time may be over soon! I can't wait to see your Spud!

  4. I'm so happy for you! What a blessing for you and your hubby. I remember when I had a baby, we would all sit around just watching her smile and coo. They are so wonderful. Congrats!

  5. I was so excited to see this on Instagram, you look adorable!


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