Thursday 17 March 2022

Starting a Cardigan for Hannah

 I have been fascinated by the hexagon cardigans for the last little while. The way they are constructed is absolutely amazing. The first person to see a hexagon they've made and folded it was amazing! While I haven't used a pattern directly I have used this pattern HERE as inspiration. Maybe when I am done I will write up the full instructions on what I have done particularly to do with fitting to bubs.

So I pulled out my 8ply bendigo cottons to have some fun with this. Figuring a light cotton cardigan is something that is needed right now. Hopefully if I just push through with this one I will get this done quickly. It's also easy to pick up and put down which makes it easier. I also worked out how to walk and crochet yesterday which helped even more! 

For reference I'm using the bendigo 8 ply cotton with my 3.5mm hook. I love how this size hook works with this yarn. It's so gorgeous.

I chose two purples from my stash so I'm doing a striped pattern because I can! Just to add a bit of interest.

In order to walk and crochet I had the yarn in my backpack and was listening to a story as I went. Wednesdays I don't have Hannah with me for the trek to work so I can craft a lot more on the train.

trying to get a photo of my work but I have a bottle on my lap and my hook was stolen because apparently it's yummy??? 

I am excited about this cardigan and I will see what this turns out like or if like so many projects at the moment it ends up forgotten. We shall see!

Happy Stitching, 






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