Saturday 30 April 2022


 This does feel a little late but I wanted to talk about this awesome pattern. It came about the way most of my patterns appear these days. I was playing with a drawing in my notebook while feeding Hannah and then I realised I HAD to make it happen. So I grabbed out my phone and turned the drawing digital and then into a pattern. Of course it took a few more months than that sentence suggests. I can't go near my computer at the moment without a baby climbing me trying to help me so I am a little bad about making things happen quickly. But that is slowly changing as she becomes more independent and lets me do things.

I love this original drawing. It was just a fun little sketch I did. and I never did finish the drawing properly.

The digital version turned out good too though I think I want to try and work with it one day to neaten it up a bit. I did the bare minimum to give me something to work with to create the cross stitch pattern. I think I will go back in and make it good to distribute as a print itself because it's kinda cute!

While I did design this piece to use metallic thread for over the tail and top you could just use the black thread if you really don't like metallic threads. I do think it adds an awesome aspect but it's not needed. If you do want to use metallic thread use shorter lengths and you'll find it works better.

And just to be exciting this is the first pattern I'm linking to from my new website. Which is scary and exciting all at once. While I will still have some patterns on Etsy I just can't afford to keep paying their fees so I'm in the process of starting up my own website. It will make some things harder and I'm going to have to work on marketing my patterns a bit better but I won't be charged just for the privilege of displaying my patterns. 

So you can find the mermaid pattern HERE if you wish to purchase it. I hope you do like it as much as  I do. It was a lot of fun to design and make. 

Happy Stitching, 


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