Friday 8 July 2011

my wrist is NOT broken!


Well I spent 3 hrs yesterday going from one place to the next. From the doctors to the xray and then back to the doctors, then I got my good prognosis. It's still sprained but it isn't anything worse than that! I then worked 4 hrs and then went straight down the coast for the Landrover meeting. Which was great, good food, great company makes for a lovely evening.

I WILL post pictures tonight. I don't have time to hang around on the computer now as I got a call from the framer saying my Land in Sight and Frogs and ready to be picked up. An expensive venture but it will be worth it. Then I have to go into work again today to deal with this database.



  1. OUCH!!!

    Musicians don't need broken bones! So saying, as a musician myself - I've broken my wrists three times and cracked my thumb. Bad idea.

    I've got a clarinet student with two broken wrists at the moment... not much practise going on there at this point in time!

  2. No and a sprain is bad enough. I'm going for exams at the end of the year so I can teach higher levels. So i need my wrist in one piece, I have only one more softball game this year so hopefully I get through!


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