Friday 16 September 2011

"Just How Many Projects Do You Have Coming?"

My sister asked me today! I had to think for a moment before I could reply not that many!

I counted them out.
  1. I'm currently working on Boxers
  2. I have a Magaret Sherry card banging around in my handbag for when I can't carry boxers
  3. Winter Fairy by JE ( I now have all I need to start it ..... )
  4. Afternoon Tea by Randal Spangler (which she so nicely pointed out is still on its way here :( )
Really compared to a lot of blogs I follow my collection looks pathetic.

But to her credit I do sit there and moon over magazines and show her so many patterns that I just need to have but I of course am good and never get around to doing it.

I have been contained I only bought ONE HAED! I wanted to see how I liked the first one before buying a tonne of patterns that I may not like to stitch up. I also contained myself to only buying the fabrics and threads for one of the JE seasonal fairies I think I'm being VERY good!

I did persuade mum to buy me an early birthday present of 2 Q Snap frames the 11" and the 17" but when they get here I know what projects are going on them and my birthday is now less than a month away so hopefully they do actually get here BEFORE my birthday ... I think I got her to order them just in time.

So maybe I do have a lot coming at least when you look at it in terms of a non stitcher but that's because I NEED all this stuff. But the big thing is I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH!! My stash is way to small!


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