Sunday 4 September 2011

My Goals for this month and WIPocalypse

This Month:

  • I want to finish 4 Christmas things that is with the designs totally finished so I can use them immediately!
  • Get a page done on Boxers
  • Start the JE (still need to get fabrics and threads they are winging their way here at the moment)
  • Post up my own charts as freebies. (almost there once I can work out how to get the chart to the internet!)
  • Design another Australian christmas design.
I think that is enough to go with for this month. There is a lot there but I have 2 christmas things almost finished but they need to be finished off. So not too hard a task!

Next Year WIPocalypse:

  • Afternoon Tea - HAED
  • Winter Fairy - JE
  • Boxers - Anchor (if it doesn't get finished before then.)
  • Anything else I can think of closer to the date!
Of course these goals can  and probably will be changed and updates but for the moment here are my goals! The challenge is now set :D


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