Saturday 22 October 2011


Well I managed to finish the cross stitching last night. This pattern was so easy to work from it was a rotating pattern. Which did cause one little problem that I noticed when I had almost finished. I was rotating the stitching and also rotating the bottom cross without realising it. So some of the stitches are going in the wrong direction but since it's for me I don't care and it adds an interesting effect to the look.

Aren't the colours scrumptious?

and here is the back

I kept the back very simple it was the easiest thing to stitch together! I never expected it to be so simple. I always looked at them and went too hard. But not any more ... I'm addicted!

It is so cute only 6cm across so much tinier than I was thinking.

Carres do Printemps - Jardin Prive
 If you're wondering what design I used, I used the bottom left had corner. So I have 8 more designs to turn into biscornus :D just not yet... back to penguins.



  1. This is such a cute finish. You're inspiring me to try one now.
    Love the colours, will you keep the same scheme for the rest of them?

  2. I'm not sure. Depends whether I make them a set or make them as individuals that I can keep or giveaway. I do love the colours and the purples really pop against the green.


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