Friday 21 October 2011

Latest penguin finish and a biscornu!

I am in love with these penguin designs! They are so easy to stitch and really don't take much effort at all. So far I've stitched two penguins from the woolly brights, one from the sports and now one from the woolly pastels. The colours are just scrumptious.

Yes I know the border isn't finished but I was deciding on colours. I think I like the green better because it's in the image.

I'm also part way through another pastels penguin. This one has a gorgeous scarf it's so jaunty!

Now onto the biscornu.....

I’ve never made a biscornu. My understanding is that they are very easy to make, but I have never made one. What is their purpose? Are they a fancy pin cushion? Or just for display?
The reason for all this speculation is that I am going to make one. Finally! I have picked one of the designs from the carres du printemp and I am going to make a biscornu! Now I have changed the colours, to something much brighter and more purple :D. 

 I have kept with the green but made it a much brighter colour. We shall see how it works out. This only took about an hour so it's stitching up really quickly. 

So I have a question for all those that have made or own biscornus what do you do with them??



  1. I received one in an exchange that I use as a pincushion and made a "fifteen" as my end of the exchange, just because I wanted to have a go - No idea what it ended up being used for but my partner in the exchange is a biscornu lover and collects them.

    I made one in another exchange as a scissor fob - it was tiny :)

    The first two I made, my daughter nabbed as cushions for her dolls house.

    I'm in the process of making one now as a Christmas tree ornament.

  2. I have lost count of the many I have made. I have used them as pincushions, but mostly for display. I enjoy making them and giving them as gifts.

  3. Ooh, really liking those penguins they are so cute!! I want to make myself a biscornu cos I'm always losing my needles!!

  4. so cute penguin , easy to stitch but realy pretty <3<3<3

    I´m make a biscornu for first time!! is about autumn/halloween, but maybe will be a little cushion because biscornu for me is some dificult to make xD


    well i will see your progress


  5. Oh man, the penguins are too cute!!!!

    That's a good question about the biscornus. I once saw a lady with a bowlful of them for decorations. I've never made one but I have 2 as gifts from friends, and these I keep in my craft drawer so that I see them every time I open said drawer and they remind me of my friends. :)


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