Saturday 26 November 2011

Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 1

Well tonight I actually went to the movies to see something. I had a free evening with Phill off sailing and mum and dad off at a party so I called up my friend and organised to see Breaking Dawn.

Now I will be one of the first to say that as much as I love the twilight books, the writing is awful!Despite all that my favourite book out of the four is the last one because Bella is less needy and able to actually assert herself. She is a bit pathetic over Edward, particularly in the second book.

Honestly though what has gone wrong with the make up for the guys! They look really weird in this movie, extremely pasty. Particularly Emmett, I don't know what happened with him. I know that Edward is meant to have this amazing draw and pull all the girls in, its part of being a vampire. But Jacob is soooo much hotter! Edward (Robert Pattinson) looks just wrong next to him.

Jacob Photos

As has been said many times by some of my friends the only reason to go to twilight is to see Jacob with his shirt off AGAIN!

Seeing the twilight movie was a great excuse to see my friend and enjoy a great night out, the fact that we both enjoy twilight just makes it even better. I will be waiting for the next movie to come out with baited breath.

I will hopefully have lots of photo tomorrow as I'm heading over to Coochiemudlo island with the scouts for our end of year break up, which will hopefully be a great day out.



  1. My daughter loves the books as well but says that the writing is horrible, just a good story. She does not like the movies though and is not even interested in seeing the newest!

  2. i want to see this film but of course it has nothing to do with half naked men lol cough cough

  3. Oh the half naked men are worth it! Even Edward spends half this movie without his shirt!

  4. I enjoyed the movie but I do agree that the books are much - much better! :)
    Calisle and Jasper's hair made me laugh so much!!! LOL Something went terrible wrong with hair and make-up in BD :p ehehhehe


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