Friday 11 November 2011

Woohoo! 6 Finished finished!

So here are 6 fully finished ornaments! I could give them to the recipients today that's how finished they are :D They have all been stitched, sewn, turned around the right way, then stuffed and the cord glued around the edge. Using the tutorial from Lynn to make up the ornaments and the cross stitch pattern from Tangled Threads.
Here are the backs just to tease you :D
I bought a couple of flat fats from spotlight in black and white to back the penguins in so it gives a nice effect.

This guy is for my grandpa who really likes cricket and always watches it.

This is the first penguin I stitched :D
I tried Green and yellow round this guy then I found the orange!
Two very pastelly girly designs.
The first pillow I made :D

A few things I learned when making these penguins.

  1. When sewing words on fabric make sure that the tension on the machine is right. It makes an extreme difference to whether the words look good. 
  2. Turning cross stitch inside out isn't like quilting because the cross stitch is quite heavy. It takes some effort and does wrinkle the fabric!
  3. Make sure you leave the opening on the bottom as it's easier to put the cord in the top when you cut the machine sewn threads not hand sewn ones. 
  4. When stuffing stuff it till you think it's full and then shove a whole pile more in. They fit a lot more stuffing than you think they should.
  5. A good pointy, sharp pair of scissors is worth a thousand pounds
Oh and Rhona I want to take some better pictures with Dad's good camera which I will send to you to put up on your website :D

Aren't they wonderful creatures? I'm so excited to give these little guys away. I think I may have to go shopping for a tiny tree to hang these on 'til christmas!



  1. They look amazing! You did a great job with them.

  2. You go, girl!!! They look fantastic! :D

  3. You're a machine! They look fabulous!

  4. They are so cute! And well done on your finishing.

  5. You go girl;)

    Yeah, I do that too, not enough stuffing:P

  6. They are so cute! Love them all!

  7. Well done Caitlin- they look great all made up! I can't believe you have finished so many already! Thanks also for linking to my website. Looking forward to putting your pictures in the customer gallery!



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