Monday 28 November 2011

My weekends stitching!

I've actually been really busy stitching this weekend.

I've been stitching this little penguin as a surprise for my mum all week

He's a little softball player as my whole family plays softball every year. I think mum will love this, these are the colours of the softball shirts we wear too.

On Saturday I couldn't work on this penguin because I was at mum and dads so I worked out how to get the printer going and I printed out one of my own designs.

He's a little bear if you hadn't guessed! I designed him to use to teach kids to cross stitch as I'm exempt from the copyright for my own designs. There is only a little bit of back stitch for the mouth the rest is all crosses.

I also made a little koala design but I need to buy the right greys to stitch it up.

When I went to coochimudlo island on Sunday I couldn't take my cross stitch penguin, and the boxers are too big to carry around like that so I started Carres du Printemp because my grandma didn't know what a biscornu was. I did add another colour into the mix at my mother's suggestion I put a bit of pink into it. It really makes it gorgeous.

Sorry that the close up is out of focus I still haven't quite worked out how to take photos with Phill's camera properly. If I used the flash it washed it out but if I didn't it didn't quite focus properly! I want my camera back!

The top photo has three squares on it the two left ones are for the one biscornu and the right one is for the next biscornu once I work out what design I'm doing next :D too many to choose from!

It was great at coochie, there was a craft market over there with some local crafts. I bought a pendant necklace for my sister for Christmas. I don't have photos of it.

After visiting the craft market I spent the rest of the time in a chair talking and stitching. I wasn't the only one either. One of the other ladies was doing tapestry and another was making cards. it's great :D My mum had a ball too so it was an awesome day!

 Until next time,


  1. The market sounds like fun! Sounds like you got lots of stitchign done, too.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  2. That little bear is such a cutie!

  3. I love the colors of your biscornu square... very refreshing! :)

  4. Love the bear and can't wait to see the softball penguin finished. Hope your camera gets fixed soon.

  5. You've got lots of lovely little stitches going on there. Its tricky to do gift sstitching when the recepient is around!

  6. Cute stitching! The craft market sounds great! x


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