Tuesday 2 October 2012

September WIPocalypse

I have been very very busy this month. Didn't realise how busy until I actually looked at what I posted last month. 

I talked a lot about Christmas goals and since last months post I have many many things to update with! I wanted to get at least 2-3 Christmas smalls done so that I would be organised for Christmas :D I think I finished that goal!

Two Skylines


Well I have one penguin finished! I am so bad about Rhona's penguins. The design is from Tangled Threads and she has so many awesome designs.

 and another one started :)

I started the second one on white to see the difference :D

So 4! ornaments finished and another one started :D I'm very very very happy :D We shall see how many I get next month.

Through all the Christmas stuff I was expecting to not get much done on Afternoon tea but this ...

turned it into this...
It's a bad photo but you can see the black that has been added since the previous photo. I had lots of fun with the black it is fun to just do.

In secret, I have been busy with Ink Circles though I really don't do as much as I want but oh well!

Slow and steady wins the race :D I may just need to change the finish line!

I'm not going to bother with a photo of Winter Fairy as I haven't managed anything on that one.

Now since I have just spent 1hr trying to get this post done I now need to desperately clean the house!

Happy Stitching,

p.s. I am not sure but all my images are stuffing up sorry if you can't see them properly!


  1. Beautiful stitching and lovely wip xxx

  2. You made a lot of progress =) All your projects look awesome =)
    I love the penguin designs, they are to cute =)

  3. I think you've done very well - lovely finishes and WIPs.

  4. Your doing very well getting ready for Christmas.

  5. I love the Party Penguin! Great job on 99 so far!

  6. Beautiful stitching, you were quite busy!

    I love those little Penguins too and have just bought some to stitch up.

  7. They all look great. The penguin is adorable:)

  8. Looks like you got a lot done. Love those skyline ornaments, I don't think I've seen those before.

  9. You've really done tons of stitching :D I love those skylines and the little penguin :D Congratulations ;)

  10. Congrats on all your finishes! I especially love the skyline ornaments.

  11. Oh my, you have been a busy bee! Love all your finishes. The penguin looks great on the dark blue - great choice!


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