Monday 5 November 2012

What I spent my weekend making...

I didn't have as much time to myself this weekend as I thought. Phill went sailing and then I spent the weekend chasing around after stuff and then up at his sailing!

So when all the fun was happening I couldn't actually do my secret stitching so instead I started another crobot. This one is the cosmic bot. He is so cute. All the designs in this book are only small. This one is about 6cm tall.

I put a loop on the top of his head so that it can be hung up as a Christmas ornament :D so it's another ornament off my list :D

Here is a slightly better view
He is the cutest little thing. Unfortunately I have to give it away.



  1. What a cute bear. They are my favorites. Is he crocheted?


  2. hooooo, he is so cute =)
    very well done
    sure he will be very appreciated
    you'll just have to make another one for you =)

  3. Hee the cute cosmic bear!!!

  4. I have never seen one before, he is very cute.


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