Friday 30 November 2012

WIPocalypse November

So I have done some stitching this month. I will start with what you haven't seen yet.
I spent yesterday stitching on Winter Fairy and made some good progress.

At the beginning of the month...
and now.
I'm really happy with my progress in one day of working on it!

Now Afternoon Tea ...
Last Month
This Month
Only a little bit of progress on this one mainly in the black but any little bit counts!

I also finished a couple of smalls

The Year of the Dragon by Dragon Dreams
Christmas Cow

and some progress on '99 which is awesome!

So there is my update. Surprising small until you add in my crochet but that doesn't belong in the WIPocalypse update!

Anyway I'm going to work :D

Happy Stitching


  1. It all adds up throughout the month.

  2. any stitch is a progress =)
    well done, Winter fairy is so sweet
    happy stitching

  3. You've done great - as always, I love seeing 99, and I agree that it's awesome :-)

  4. You have done loads compared to me. :) .They are all looking good.

  5. You were a very busy little bee, great progress on all of your projects. Love the dragon.

  6. How wonderful =) I love your stitching =)

  7. Caitlin I really love the fabric you have chosen for Winter Fairy. It's so pretty and perfect for your chart. Afternoon tea is coming along nicely as well.

    Lovely stitching on all your projects, and yay to the cute lil finishes.

    Alicia xo

  8. Keep up the great stitching!!


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