Friday 2 November 2012

WIPocalypse #11

Well I have been very very busy this update :D

Afternoon Tea looked like this last update

Then I managed a page finish
Of course this wasn't enough I have added a bit more since then :D

I am loving working on the purple in the chair :D Such pretty colours. I am so excited about this piece at the moment. It is really drawing me to work on it.

I do also have a pile of smalls that I have worked on.
And started a Christmas Cow :D
I have had a chance to work on Winter Fairy :D I love the fabric for this piece and it really doesn't photograph very easily.

Here is where I had left it
And now ...
Not that much done but it is some work on it so it hasn't been forgotten :D I would like to finish this at some point! It is redder than this photo shows though. The reds in the purple don't seem to want to photograph.

I think that is all I have been working on... except '99 but I can't show you an update for that one as Phill is sitting in the room with me. Another day :D I think I might spend the whole weekend working on it. Phill is going sailing so leaving me to my own devices.

Happy Stitching :D


  1. Great stitching. Have you seen the penguin Christmas ribbon in Spotlight?

  2. Great progress on Afternoon Tea and the Winter Fairy. And such pretty little finiushes. I love the penguins, they are adorable.

  3. Aww such cute projects...lovely stitching xxx

  4. You have done so much stitching, well done. Have a good weekend.

  5. so many stitches you did
    very well done on afternoon tea , we can see a great progress
    I love the fabric for Winter Fairy, it will really be a beautiful piece
    bravo =)

  6. That's a lot done, great going!

  7. Great progress on all your pieces. You got so much done on your HAED's. They all look fantastic.


  8. Your HAED is looking fabulous and I love your Christmas stitching too :0)

  9. So many lovely projects =) Great progress on all of them!! =)


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