Monday 29 April 2013

April WIPocalypse

Well I have a couple of surprises this WIPocalypse. I may have made a new start ... I finally made a start on Masquerade Pale Dawn.

It will eventually look like this...

But it looks nothing like it yet. I started in the middle because I couldn't be bothered measuring and I don't have all the colours so this is all I could start with before I really need to go shopping but it's a START!!!

I have also worked on Afternoon Tea

It looked like this but now it looks like this...

Sorry for the really bad photo! It's night here and I'm using my phone. I'm halfway through the column I love working on this piece. I find it annoying to go to projects that are over 2 they don't have as good a cover.

I really haven't worked on any other projects. The only reason I have any stitching to show is I have done some this week... not that much... but a little is good. I have been crocheting but that doesn't fit in this post.

Happy Stitching I probably won't be posting again 'til I get back from New Zealand so that will be next week sometime!



  1. Afternoon Tea looks great. Looking forward to seeing your progress on masquerade as I have it in my stash. Are you going to use kreinik in it? When I was looking at my chart I noticed a large part of her face is charted using it. Glad you changed your comments as I really wanted to leave a comment on this one. :)

  2. Beautiful stitching...
    Big hugs x

  3. Great work on Afternoon Tea =) Sometime life just doesn't like to see us stitching ;-)
    I love your new start, it's a fantastic design and I hope you'll get your missing colors soon =)

  4. Great new start! And Afternoon is gorgeous! I'm loving those dragons :D

  5. wow ! afternoon tea is amazing
    such a beautiful stitching
    that's so great you keep continue stitching it, I'm sure I wouldn't be courageous enough to do such big projects =D
    very well done
    I hope you are having a great time in New Zealand

  6. Afternoon tea looks amazing.


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