Thursday 11 April 2013

One Eye, One horned flying purple people eater

Well It's not exactly a one horned but it does have one eye and it's purple! Let me introduce you to the newest member of my toy family.

This is a Syclops though I still need to come up with a name ... any ideas are welcome! Maybe Syd?

I couldn't resist starting something from Voodoo Maggie's book and since this looked like a very quick project this was my first choice.

I did make a bit smaller I used a 2.5mm hook because it's the only one I own that has a big handle and doesn't hurt my wrist.

An idea of the size. That is a normal sized spool of thread and it's smaller than it.

This photo also gives you a big hint on a couple of projects that I really need to post about. I'm putting together photos now.... though it  could be a couple of days before I get around to posting them.

I've also started a new project from voodoo maggie's book. I couldn't resist the giraffe. You will have to wait and see for photos :D

Happy Stitching,



  1. The "eye" sort of reminds me of Mike from the movie Monsters, Inc! cute! :-)

  2. Beauty bonnet is right =)
    Reminds me Mike too
    Such a cute piece you made
    definitely love the colours you're using those days =)
    have a great weekend


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