Thursday 11 April 2013

Painting the Walls

While everything in my head is going a little crazy I have also been trying to get some jobs done around the house as I get the energy.

When we moved into this house The walls were covered with an awful brown. A lot of the walls are still covered with an awful brown. We did the bedrooms before we moved in and I finally got my parents over to my house to help teach me how to paint the rest of the house. It took most of January and February for me to find all the energy to just paint the hall but the difference is amazing! It went from a dark hall to an area that is bright.

With the school holidays upon us I found that I had time again to keep painting so I got Phill to finally finish sanding the walls and I did the first two walls in the lounge. It's amazing how much energy painting takes up!

I have found that the painting takes energy I would otherwise spend crafting but some good does come out of it!

Now here s a photo of the lounge room before we moved in.
You can get an idea of the dark brown walls.
Which was particularly noticeable in the hallway. This was dark and dingy and not pleasant.
So I put down the undercoat on everything!
So I could get this :D

Not the best time to be taking pictures but that is my craft room to the right... very messy!
Down the hall doesn't it look bright?

You can see the part of the wall I haven't got to yet I'm only going bit by bit as my energy can handle because I'm doing most of it by myself.

Now we get to the important part! The whole reason of course for painting the lounge room was not because it was too dark and dreary, no it was to put up my cross stitch!

Finally my cross stitch has a home!

Can't you tell I'm extremely excited? It looks wonderful on that wall. All bright and cheery. Well not really bright but it makes me smile :D

So the sole reason I painted all the walls and door frames in the hall and the two walls in the lounge was to put up this one cross stitch. A worthy reason :D




  1. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do. It looks a lot brighter:)

  2. Excellent job! I'm all for light-coloured walls, there's no point in creating darkness in a home.

  3. LOL... I love your reason for painting the walls!

    Everything looks great!

  4. A very worthy reason indeed! Much cheerier and brighter, congrats!

  5. It looks great!! Painting exhausts me, too. The hubby is so much better and quicker at it, he usually does any painting. I'm too picky! It took me two hours to paint a window frame once, and he did the next one in 15 minutes, so he gets the job. =)

  6. what a great job you did =)
    you're right to smile
    your cross stitch has found the right place =D
    enjoy your new 'light' home =)


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