Tuesday 26 November 2013

Finishing off some stuff

Since I finished some ornaments last year but never managed to finish them properly I finally decided to do some finishing today. I was in the mood.
So today I finished the Ho Ho Ho! Ornament. It's looking awesome and it's ready in time for Christmas presents this year which is even better.

 Because the front is very unsparkly so I kept to a fairly plain fabric on the back as well. I love how it has ended up :D The only thing I may do is add a button up the top in the middle but I'm not sure about that!

I've also almost finished a couple of more ornaments I'm not sure how to do the ribbon at the top for these ones ... it may end up being the same. 

They are done except for the top ribbon... it's going to take thought. 

I have also something wonderful to show you. L has been hard at work on her cross stitch and she's been working on a sampler. For a 9 year old her stitching is extremely neat!

All that's left is the border and her name :D She wants to enter it in the show next year and I think she's awesome for wanting to! 

Happy Stitching everyone, 


  1. Great finishes! Love the ornaments. L has done a fantastic job on her project also. She must have a great teacher. ;-)

  2. Congrats on the great finishes Caitlin. I love the ornaments. L is doing a great job.


  3. Love the middle girl's sampler! Maybe I should send my big two to you for lessons, too!

  4. Beautiful finishes...I love them so much
    Big hugs x


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