Thursday 28 November 2013

I joined a craft group

I joined a craft group on a Wednesday morning. Or at least I have until I have a job that interferes. It's great because everyone is doing different crafts but you're able to ask advise about whatever you're doing because you can. There are a couple of scrap bookers, some crochet, hexagon quilts, and beading among a lot of talking.

I have another finish though I don't actually have it anymore. I finished it in time to give away to my band to be raffled off. I will have to try to win it back. I finished the stitching last year it's one of tangled threads penguins which I still randomly LOVE to stitch. I'm glad I have such a good collection.

 I managed to find the green angel fabric on Wednesday morning just before craft group so I could finish it. I love the pretty green and trumpets. So appropriate for band!

I'm getting really good at finishing the ribbon this way! I love the effect and it always looks stunning! It takes ages though and I really get bored of doing more than 1-2 in a sitting where I could do lots of the pillow cases. It takes more concentration to do it this way!

 Also I know most of my readers are overseas but I can't resist showing off a little. We have a couple of performances coming up but this one is exciting. I got this flyer in the mail and our name is on it! The MBSO Jazz Band in the 5:25pm slot. So anyone around the redcliffe area on the 7th Dec please come visit :D I have a solo!!!!!!


  1. Such a sweet finish..
    Enjoy my dear
    Hugs x

  2. how lovely is this penguin =)
    very well done, a beautiful finish
    I wish there was a craft group around here =)
    it should be fun


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