Saturday 4 January 2014

I'm back from camping...

Well we came home early because the kids were coming down with something but it seems like its not them we should have worried about. Both me and James have been knocked for six! Though I'm finally getting better and feeling kinda human. It was just a sinus infection but.... with the heat we've been having as well we've both been dehydrated. It was meant to get to 34 yesterday and today is meant to top out at 41! (about 105 Farenheit!)

So basically I'm trying to stay cool and hope I can ride it out. So glad we got a pool yesterday. I may need to make a lot of use of it!

While we were camping I did actually get some stitching done. I took Maskerade Pale Dawn with me and I set up really well on my camp chair.

It looked like this:
And after quite a bit of work it became:

Once I got home I wanted to work on a small so instead of starting a new one which I was so tempted to do I worked on one of the Joan Elliott ornaments.

Its close to finished with the stitching but then I need backstitching and beads... I'll get there eventually!

But I'm turning my computer off because it's too hot and going in the pool!

Stay cool everyone!



  1. Great progress Caitlan. You can send some of the heat this way.


  2. Great progress and try to stay cool in that heat!

  3. Sorry you have felt so poorly. Hope you are soon on the mend! Your progress looks great so far. :)


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