Friday 10 January 2014

Maskerade Pale Dawn

I finally have all the threads I need to finish Maskerade Pale Dawn. I reached a point where I really needed to buy the kreinik thread and when I went back to my local quilting store they had stock of the colour I needed though only in blending filament but I don't mind that.

I'm using two strands of blending filament with one strand of DMC B5200.

I've finally reached the bottom of the page and filled in all the missing stitches in the middle that were the kreinik which is great! It's starting to look stunning! I'm so excited to work on it though I've now stolen the stretcher bars for my new start. I was going to be good and not start anything new for the new year but... I couldn't resist.

Photos to come later because it's too late to get a good photo.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Great start!
    I love this one, it's on my wanting-to-do-list. So I can't wait to see more of it. So far it looks great!

  2. Good luck and can't wait to see it appear!

  3. It's beautiful Caitlin. This chart is one of my favourite Sesslers's monochrome art. So I'm going to be watching/stalking your for the wip updates on this one. Good luck with it.
    Alicia xo

  4. Looking real good Caitlin. Did you have any problems with the 2 strands of BF and 1 of DMC? I've had knotting issues in the past despite using Thread Heaven liberally.

  5. it's already so neat and beautiful !


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