Friday 17 January 2014

My secret stitching

Well I have been hinting at a new start on the stitching front but never managed to get any good photos. That and I wanted it to look half decent before showing it to you.

I finally after a couple of years started baroque by Ink Circles. I had this ready and kitted up to start towards the end of 2011 but never managed to start it. I kept starting other projects and putting this off. I wanted to start this year on a new project. Something simple but didn't want to buy one, or do any of my smalls.

Here is what it's meant to look like after being finished. But of course I have changed the colours quite a lot!

I'm using plain old DMCs but I'm using 32ct opal Lugana - Sunset by Colours of the Outback. A lady over in Perth who hand dyes her fabrics. The fabric is so sparkly I wanted to keep the colours simple but I am mixing it up a little.

 I'm not doing it in one colour I'm doing the nine squares different browny/green shades. The middle is 814 so a browny red. The colours just pop on the fabric.

I'm hoping it will look all earthy when it's done. Only half the middle motif to do before I can do another colour. I am loving working on this piece but it will probably go down when I finish the middle and I will work on winter fairy. She hasn't had any love for a very long time. I will have to find a hoop or something for her as she doesn't fit on the millenium frame I bought for her ( that's the other reason baroque is on the frame now)

I was silly when I bought the frame. I bought 3 different sized stretchers but only one set of the winding things. I may need to put in another order of some more stretchers but the postage is so expensive, and the exchange rate is stupid at the moment. Everything from overseas is expensive again.

Oh I wanted to show you the other reason I haven't got much stitching done lately. My grandma promised to teach me how to sew clothes on my machine as she used to spend a lot of time sewing and has a lot to teach me. Since I'm not currently working and have days free I have been heading to my mother's to use her sewing area for Grandma to teach me. We're starting with a dress.

Being me the dress is purple. I'm testing the sizing here and couldn't resist a photo. I have sewed the panels together But we were testing the height of the dress here so the colours are being held together by tacking and grandma's hands she's hiding behind me so she can hold the dark skirt. I love how this is turning out and it will be a wonderful summer dress. I can also see it looking awesome in this pattern in something a little bit stiffer as a work dress. When I finally have some work! I really need to get a job soon I'm going stir crazy!

In job news still no good on the resumes but I'm halfway through my second unit and passed both tests which is exciting.

So this is full of a lot of stuff but if you're still reading I will have some knitting to show as well. I'm doing a lot of random projects at the moment. It feels great.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Looking forward to seeing Baroque take shape. Love the color combo you've listed.

    Awww, you look so adorable in that dress already. Do take another pic when it's all done. :D

  2. Beautiful new start. The dress is very pretty:)

  3. I love the fabric you're using for your Ink Circles stitching, and you made a good start =)
    it's going to be beautiful
    enjoy =)
    I really also love your dress =D
    fantastic colours
    so great you can learn with your Grand Mother , really super, enjoy those precious moments
    cross fingers you (we !) can find a job very soon

  4. Oh, I wish my grandmother was still around to teach me about knitting! She was a pro.
    So great that yours is teaching you how to sew! That dress looks great already.

    Beautiful start on Baroque.

  5. Can't wait to see how the browns/greens turn out on this!

  6. Fabulous new start! I love the fabric and the thread colour looks wonderful. Looking forward to more updates on this design.
    That's wonderful that you and your Grandma are spending time together and she can pass on her skills to you! Love the dress, you look great in it.

  7. Love your new start Caitlin and the dress is very pretty.


  8. I love this new design you've started - I look forward to seeing your progress. The different colours you plan to use sound great...

  9. Great start on Baroque, I love the Ink Circles charts and the fabric is a gorgeous colour.

    Well done with the dress making as well :)


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