Wednesday 9 April 2014

It's been a long week!

My weekend was awesome it felt great to be working again and to be out and talking to people. Though I will say that at the end of it all I was exhausted! I'm not used to doing so much!

That said since then I have been motivated to actually do some exercise and eat a BIT better. Also we got our new juicer today to replace the one that broke so I'm looking forward to some good healthy food. We got an Omega juicer that does everything from juice to nut butters and pasta. I'm hoping to start eating a lot healthier in general and less preservatives.

But since it's school holidays and I've had two crazy children home the last two days my patience is wearing very thin. I just can't sit still for very long and settle. I took them to the bookstore today as they were having an awesome sale and managed to get a bag full of books for one $18. It's the cystic Fibrosis bookstore at Nundah. They get the extra books from the council libraries and sell them at a reduced price. So it's a benefit for everyone. So the kids now have a large lot of books to keep them happy and also so do I!

I managed to pick up 6 cross stitch books for a total of $6 and one of them has Joan Elliott designs in it and another has some Teresa Wentzler.

Myth and Magic has some Teresa Wentzler 

I love the cute designs in this African book!

This one has two designs by Joan Elliott

I also picked up 3 new Terry Pratchets and a couple of other random books 

I'm also partway through a Norwegian Bunad design. I had a request for one and I've been having fun doing some research. Unfortunately a Bunad is different according to region of Norway and also what the marital/social status of the wearer is at that point in their life. I hope though I have captured the essence of the Bunad in my little character. I loved the cloth style head covering so that is the one I chose to use.

I also finished stitching my little girl in her Dirndl. I love how she turned out. Such a pretty little outfit that makes me just want to dance.

I will have to have a better look through these books and see what else I really want to stitch.

Happy Stitching,


  1. What a score. Here you on the holiday thing.

  2. Great bargain with the books.....I bet your to-do list has just become quite a bit longer!

  3. Super treasure :)
    Enjoy my dear..
    Hugs x

  4. WOW! You hit the book jackpot! I love the angel book - how lucky for you!

  5. Wow you hit the jackpot with that haul! You're just incredible at getting bargains!

  6. Great book collection. I have two of the stitching ones.

    We have also just finished reading The Bromeliad of which Diggers is the second book. Now starting on the Colour of Magic. How long do you think it will take to read every Discworld book out loud at the rate of 20 minutes per night LOL.

  7. Fantastic new supplies and books...!
    you really made a bargain ! that sounds super...
    enjoy the holidays :)
    and have a great weekend, stay zen ;)

  8. What a brilliant find with those books. Happy stitching :)


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