Monday 28 April 2014

Something New - April

Today is time for the 'Something New Link up party'

I want to start with the personal stuff from this month. I've had to really work hard this month to get out of my shell. We have had school holidays and I've had the kids with me most of the time. I'm also still no closer to getting a job. This isn't having a good effect on my moral. But I am going to change that.

As of last week I am getting out. I have started the couch to 5k. I managed to get through day one today and on Wednesday I'll go for the next one. I feel awesome. I have energy and feel great that I didn't let myself be defeated. That photo is about 15 minutes after finishing my running. It was awesome.

So personally, I'm going to push myself to get outside and teach myself to do something. I want to be strong and get out of myself. I can do a lot more than I let myself do!

I have also finished my Norwegian Bunad design but I haven't got it up on etsy yet. There are lots of things not done I have a list a mile long.... But I blame moral and school holidays. You run out of time during school holidays.

I do have one craft that I did do. Something very new for me to try.

I finished three paper journals using the tutorial from beautiful mess. See the posts here.

I am going to make an effort this month to get out of my shell and try more new crafts and things each week I can do it and I will.

Now it's your chance to show me what you have done new this month. Small or Large I want to see what you have tried this month. Please join in and share your stuff.

How it Works:

  1. You must link to a post about something that you have made in the month the linky party is for. So if the post is for March you should have done the 'something new' in March not January. 
  2. The post must be about 'something new' you have tried. 
  3. It doesn't have to be a special post but it has to include something new but if you want to do a special post you can. It does have to be clear though that it is something new you haven't tried before. 
  4. You have until the next linky party goes up to post your link. Which will be on the 28th of each month.
  5. It's not required but a link back would be appreciated that way other people get to look at all the awesome things we are trying. :D Feel free to use the Something New image that is at the start of this post.


  1. Aww the bookmark is looking so lovely...and the journal is perfectly cute...
    Happy week hugs x

  2. lovely new chart :D
    Another beautiful bookmark is on ;)


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