Thursday 17 September 2015

WIP Wednesday

So I know it's now Thursday where I am but this is the first time I've picked up my computer for a couple of days. I've been really good about trying not to spend my time zoning out on the computer. I'm still getting highly distracted by my phone but that is a given as well.

BUT and this is the big but in the last week I have made 3 pairs of pants for the kids and yesterday I cut out two more!!!! That is a BIG thing  for me. I've been productive and getting projects done. It's been a good feeling because I have been a bit blah before that. Not in a bad way, just enjoying not particularly doing anything. Which makes for bad progress but good feelings. I've had some self imposed deadlines on me recently with my mother's birthday and signing up to help test the hexie bowls, and trying to get the book week costumes done. Though I've thoroughly enjoyed them and I'm not complaining it's fun sometimes to not do much so that is why you really haven't heard that much from me this month. Though there will be a big post that has been in the works for a couple of weeks coming on Friday mainly showcasing the pants but also talking about why I felt the need to make a WHOLE pile of shorts in the last week.

So although I do have some finished photos in the spirit of WIP Wednesday I'm just going to show you teaser photos of me cutting out fabric. It has been awesome to get back behind a sewing machine and make clothes. I told my grandma and she was so proud and had all sorts of advice for me.

I didn't pick the colours. The red is left over from the cat in the hat hat that I made for bookweek. I bought WAAAAY too much fabric and the skulls were picked out by the little man. Actually I've been having lots of fun with many fabrics but I just realised how bad a blogger I am I have NO photos of progress shots as I just started sewing.

These are two different kinds of shorts and I have some done in dark blue as well. I'm going to go make sure I get that post organised now :D Ready to share on Friday.

Happy Stitching,

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