Friday 29 January 2016

Admitting my wip list

Now I'm a bit of a hoarder and I tend to jump from project to project without quite finishing the old ones. I've said it here many times. I would love to be more contained and better at finishing what I start but I love so many projects! I was cleaning up my corner of mess and found a LITTLE LOT of mess. I try to keep on top of it but more often than not it just gets away from me. I've also been home everyday by myself so I tend to spread the mess around. 

ANYWAY there is a point to this. I cleaned up the mess and found a pile of projects and realised something. I've been really bad about admitting what I have on the go. Oh I mention them here and there and I have sometimes counted them and I will kind of talk about them. I just haven't sat down and gone here is the list of projects that I have partially finished. Here is what I actually need to do on them. 

Now I'm not going to do this all in one go. Mainly because I know I have a couple of crochet projects and many many many cross stitch projects. I think .... if I search for them I may also have some knitting ones but not certain. So I'm going to separate this into sections. Today is Cross Stitch. 

Oh and I'm also in the process of creating a page on my blog where the full list with some pictures of these projects is going to reside as a reminder to me. Some of these should really be finished but I just keep getting in my own way. 

So in being honest and keeping myself on task here is my list.

Left Over Crazy January Projects
(I was smart and all patterns are neatly kept with these projects. Thankfully!)

1. Gingerbread men. I only have one guy left! Surely I can get myself into gear and finish him?

2,3,4. Joan Elliott Angels. There were 4 of these patterns. I finished one that first year and I have three left in varying stages of completion. They are done on different fabrics/counts but they are all connected.

5,6 Then there were a couple more random Joan Elliott ornaments. The house I finished but the start next to it is actually meant to be a teddy I think....

7. This is part of a set of 2 as well. I finished the first one at the time and then this one has just been sitting. It is really close to a finish I don't know what is stopping me.

Thats's it for my Crazy January WIPs but I do have a lot more that aren't.

8. These tags I started and finished two of them but I always intended to make the full set and they are starting to annoy me as the threads keep getting tangled in the bag. I can finish them.

9. Beacon at daybreak. You know a lot about this one already. 

10. Doctor Who Biscornu - I have now finished the top but I still have to do the bottom. I have actually been working on this one.

11. Winter Fairy - so now we're onto the big projects. This hasn't seen the light of day much at all recently but it's still there. I do love working on it when I do bring it out. .... I should do that more!

12. Masquerade Pale Dawn. - Another oh gosh project. I love working on it but it's just sitting at my parents at the moment just because it got packed away. I really need to work on it. 

13. Baroque - this one got put away so I could use the stretchers for afternoon tea. I need to get a second set of stretchers. 

14.  Afternoon Tea - Because I can't forget this project. It's one of the big ones that I'm actually working on! This isn't the most recent photo.

Now this is only what I could find in the search. I may have more but if I do have a couple of little ones hanging around I have no clue where they are! 

Do you have a list of projects that you forget about? Things that get pushed to the back? I used to be a 2 project girl. Now I just have too much on the go which is almost as bad!

Happy Stitching, 


  1. Cross stitch I'm a good girl and have three on the go (actually I have a few ornaments that boarder being wips/ufos) but as for other crafty projects...

  2. I don't know why but I love seeing other stitchers' WIPs although I have enough myself. You have some great projects on the go, and oh, so many beautiful fabrics you are stitching them on.

  3. Like Brigitte I love seeing other stitchers' WIPs! I always think "oh she should just finish that one, then that one, etc" but I know it's not that easy from personal experience! Nothing to be ashamed of here, as long as you are enjoying your stitching, that's all that matters.

  4. So much variety and so much to choose from each day!!! I'd get some of those smaller ones done and out of the way!

  5. Love seeing your WIPs - I really like them all -

  6. All lovely projects Caitlin. I'm afraid to say how many I have started. Most of mine are UFO's.


  7. I do sometimes find a neglected project and wonder why I didn't finish it back whenever! Usually there's a reason why I stopped work on it though.
    I do keep lists of the things I want to stitch on, both on my blog and on my iPad using an app for cross stitching.

  8. I stopped counting mine ;) . YOurs are lovely though, and the joy they are is what makes em so fun!

  9. That could be my stitching corner with all those WIP' are not alone!!! You have some wonderful projects there....and some are close to being finished!You'll feel great when you get round to completing them....good luck with it.

  10. That's a lot of WIPs! LOL


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