Wednesday 6 January 2016

Christmas Crafts and photos from my break.

Before Christmas (only about the week before) I decided I needed to make certain gifts for the kids. Queue lots of earlier mornings and later nights trying to sew in secret but I did it. I made Lana some headbands (or partially made them) and Caiden got a pillowcase. I only partially made the headbands as I wanted to measure them on her head before sewing them all. So I finished one and made the other 2 up to the elastic part. They are all done now and I love how they turned out. I need to get photos of them still. I forgot and they have all disaappeared into the abyss.. aka. the BEDROOM!!!!!

The pillowcase for Caiden was very simple. I used these instructions and just cut it long enough according to pillow I already had. It worked out beautifully and I will need to make a lot more of these.

2 days after Christmas we left to go camping. I desperately needed to get away. I think we all did. It was kinda a family affair as we found a place to go and then my parents came along and invited a group of the Landrover people we have been camping with the last couple of years. My sister and her partner came along as did my cousin with his partner and kid. It was just a lovely group of people.

Here was the view from out the tent door every morning. Can I say we were just a little in love?

Though the boys didn't like me taking photos of them :D

We had a beautiful fire and some awesome music. There was even bagpipes one night :D

We went exploring and played games. I even took my cross stitch... I don't know how many people take a big cross stitch frame camping but I did it!

Camp chairs make awesome frame holders.

I think we are already looking forward to next year and the fun we'll get up to.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Sounds like a blast. And didn't know all kids rooms come with black holes where everything disappears lol

  2. Sounds and looks like a fun outing Caitlin.



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