Thursday 7 March 2019

New gym

A lot has changed personally in the last month and I'm not really going into details as a lot is still being worked out. BUT one thing that has truly changed for the better is I joined a new gym.

I loved the bootcamp that I was doing and it was fantastic to get me up and moving and you've heard me go on about that. But circumstances changed and I found myself needing to find a gym closer to work rather than home. I decided to join my sister's gym and organised to work with her Personal Trainer as well. I was finding that I wasn't getting as much from the bootcamp anymore and I wasn't making the gains that I really wanted to make. So I have now started strength training. Meaning I'm learning how to squat with a bar and how to do a bench press. I'm 7 weeks in and I go one morning a week with my PT and then try and get another morning with my sister. 

 This is me with 45kg on the bar :D I'm getting ready to go down so breathing in carefully.

 This is me going down I'm concentrating really hard ...

up up up we go. I've learnt that looking up makes you feel up! 

Don't you just love my tough mudder shirt? I'm hoping to get another this year if everything works out I'm planning on doing the full course! 

I am loving this new workout program I'm on because I feel great and I'm feeling stronger. I woke up this morning feeling Meh, but I had a standing appointment with my sister and once I was at the gym I felt so much better.

This is me at the end of my workout. I was tired and a little sore but feeling great. I don't always look amazing when I'm finished and in this case I was looking forward to my shower BUT the feeling of having worked out was amazing.

Does anyone else do weights? If you don't what do you do for exercise?

Happy Stitching,


  1. Good for you! I think that's my main problem, no one to exercise with or motivate me. I should do weights and walk, I don't like running at all.

    1. yeah I don't like running for running's sake but I go and do park runs to train for obstacle courses. It has been the best thing being able to go with my sister and workout. We talk each other through.


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