Saturday 30 March 2019

Oops my finger slipped...

Happy Yarn Face
So happy with my new yarn :D
So you guys would know I've been making a homebody sweater and I should have a review of the pattern and the changes I made up. But I made it in Acrylic, a fairly cheap one at that. It was tester and a lot of fun and I will wear that jumper until it dies :D... But a couple of problems with it. I used 10ply worsted weight acrylic, the USA style spot saver from spotlight and it worked up beautifully soft.  However, it is quite a heavy yarn and I used a 5.5mm hook so the resulting fabric is quite solid.

Soo my finger slipped last week and I ordered some Bendigo Woollen Mills Steller 8ply. This yarn is beautiful :D and I am looking forward to making a jumper in it. I love the wool/bamboo blend and the colour is just delicious!! I ordered 5 balls in the Amethyst colourway and as you can see here I didn't manage to take photos before starting my project with it!

This yarn is so beautifully squishy and feels just gorgeous to touch! I am so excited to be working with it!

This is me at band during rehearsal working away on the band for my sweater! I got it that day and started working with it that night... that never happens!

Have you had an oops moment recently and received so pretty happy mail?

Happy Stitching,


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  2. Hope, everything goes well with your finger and you could complete great works.
    Have a wonderful day

    1. Yeah as long as it doesn't buy too many more purchases online it should be fine :D

  3. Oh, if I had a dime everytime my fingers "slipped" on Amazon for just about everything...well, I probably wouldn't be broke all the time!! Plus, it IS an amazing color, so well worth it!

    1. :D yeah it would be nice to be paid when your finger slips!


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